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Our mission is to bring responsibly sourced meals and personal service to people wherever they eat.

Who We Serve

Bringing authentic food and hospitality to Chicagoland communities since 2014

K–12 Dining

K–12 Dining

Nutritious and exciting lunches that expand young palates and transform school cafeterias

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University Dining

University Dining

Diverse menus that reflect the community and keep students and faculty on campus

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Business Dining

Business Dining

Healthy and responsibly produced meals that employees and partners are proud to eat every day

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HCF Response to Covid-19

HandCut Foods is taking aggressive measures to keep our employees and community safe in this time of unprecedented circumstances to combat the spread of COVID-19.

We have developed a Contactless Food Service model for the 2020-2021 academic year to safely serve our communities. All meals are ordered through our proprietary online platform and packaged individually. 

If you are a student, parent, teacher or staff member and have questions about our program please reach out to us at [email protected]

Responsibly Sourced

Our procurement philosophy balances ecological impact, nutritional value, and menu variety.

The quality and integrity of our meals stems from the quality and integrity of our ingredients. We begin with whole, fresh foods sourced from Midwestern farms and other producers we trust. We’ve built strong relationships with our providers—ranchers who practice ethical raising, farmers who grow and harvest naturally, and millers who minimally process their grains. Sourcing locally and seasonally reduces our ecological footprint by minimizing our “food miles”—the distance traveled from harvest to plate.

From Scratch

We prepare our meals in house from whole or minimally processed ingredients.

Our chefs craft each dish using classic cooking techniques, whether they’re simmering fresh chicken stock, braising beef, sautéing seasonal vegetables, or kneading bread. Though most of our meals and bakery products are made and consumed within the same day, we also extend the seasons through preservation programs that include pickling, fermenting, jamming, and dehydrating. Cooking from scratch allows our chefs total control over our food’s flavor, appearance, and nutritional profile.

Client Driven

Our approach is tailor made. 

With exceptional food and warm hospitality as our baseline, we design offerings around the unique goals of each client. Our program development centers around active and ongoing research within each community. In addition to working closely with administrators and decision makers, we welcome direct feedback from our customers through online surveys, focus groups, and face-to-face interaction. We value all input and work strategically on creative solutions that fully support the community.

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