Nutrition Corner: Healthy Eating Over the Holidays

The holidays bring not only joy and happiness, but at times, stress. A common stressor that many people face during this time is sticking to healthy eating habits. Though HandCut Foods can’t be with you at the holiday table, we’d like to offer some tips that will help you navigate the season’s abundance of rich foods.

Don’t skip meals

Many people skip meals in anticipation of a big dinner. However, this leads to overeating because come dinner time, you are starving. Instead of skipping meals, maintain your normal eating schedule.

Load up on vegetables

Fill at least half of your plate with veggies. The other half should be split between protein and carbohydrates. Remember: corn, sweet potatoes, and potatoes are not considered vegetables.

Go light on appetizers

Appetizers tend to be an opportunity for mindless eating. Before you know it, you’ve had 10–15 small bites, which can really add up. If available, seek out healthier options like vegetables with dip, fruit, or shrimp with cocktail sauce.

Be aware of liquid calories

Liquid calories count, so enjoy them in moderation. One 5 oz glass of wine has about 100 calories, a 12 oz regular beer contains 150 calories, and 1.5 ounces of 80 proof distilled spirits has 100 calories. Additionally, many favorite holiday cocktails, like eggnog, are loaded with calories. It’s fine to indulge occasionally, but be conscious of it.

Take your time

Rather than rushing for second helpings, pause to enjoy your company and their conversation. If you wait 5–10 minutes before you make the decision to grab seconds, you’ll have ample time to listen to your body determine your true hunger level. Remember: this will not be your last opportunity to indulge in your holiday favorites; you can have them as leftovers the next day.

Stay active

Just because it is the holidays, it does not mean you have to stop working out. Go for a brisk morning jog, get the neighborhood together for a flag football game, or build a snowman!

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