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We are committed to delivering the highest quality food and service to schools and businesses. Here's how we do it.

We Cook From Scratch – Always

Our commitment to preparing and serving authentic, chef-driven menus follows us wherever we go. ​

On-Site Kitchen Management

Our goal is to serve our handmade food as close to the time it was prepared as possible. We are always excited to partner with schools and businesses that have full kitchens where we can set up shop and cook on site daily.

Our Commissary

We custom built our 5,000-square-foot commissary kitchen—we call it Base Camp—to allow us to prepare from-scratch meals for local schools and businesses that lack on-site kitchens. Customers and partners are always welcome to stop by for a tasting or to see our chefs in action. We deliver meals in our dual-zone climate-controlled trucks.

We Source Responsibly

Our passionate chefs use the best ingredients they can find to guarantee delicious and nutritious end products.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Natural and organic fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs harvested at the peak of freshness for the highest nutritional content

Meat, Dairy & Eggs

Meat, Dairy & Eggs

Beef, pork, poultry, goat, and lamb from naturally raised animals; fresh dairy and eggs from Midwestern farms

Dry Goods

Dry Goods

Non-GMO grains, flours, beans, and other dry goods that are responsibly grown, milled, and processed

We Know Our Producers

We are proud to work with local farmers and other producers we trust.

River Valley Ranch

Burlington, WI

Following the tenets of organic farming, River Valley Ranch grows five varieties of mushrooms year round: white button, portobello, crimini, shiitake, and oyster. Their mushrooms grow in sustainable compost made of agricultural bi-products. They never use chemicals, pesticides, or growth enhancers.

Ellis Family Farms

Benton Harbor, MI

Ellis Family Farms is committed to sustainable agriculture and verified in MAEAP (Michigan’s Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program). In growing their wide range of fruits and vegetables, they strive to build soil structure and soil fertility, protect water quality, manage pests ecologically, and maximize biodiversity among both plant and animal life on the farm.

Ferndale Market

Cannon Falls, MN

Ferndale Farms has been raising free-range turkeys for more than 75 years, and in that time their philosophy has not changed. They still raise turkeys without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. These turkeys eat a delicious diet of local grains and are given plenty of room to roam.

Phoenix Bean

Chicago, IL

The team at Phoenix Bean has more than 30 years of experience crafting multiple varieties of tofu and soymilk out of fresh, wholesome ingredients. The company exhibits a true local focus by sourcing its main raw product—non-GMO soybeans—from an Illinois farm that pays special attention to the health of its fields. Phoenix Bean tofu is made and packaged without any preservatives.

Hook's Cheese Company

Mineral Point, WI

Tony and Julie Hook have been making delicious cheese since 1976. They age their cheeses in temperature- and humidity-controlled caves calibrated for optimal curing speed. They started with just cheddar and swiss, and now the Hooks make numerous varieties cow milk, sheep milk, and goat milk cheese.

Breslin Farms

Ottawa, IL

This father-daughter operation grows certified organic row crops on their family-owned farm. With a focus on biodiversity and sustainability, they concentrate on small grains and dry beans. They use heirloom varieties and use their own seed whenever possible.

We Are Part of the Community

Our mission extends beyond preparing and serving delicious daily meals.

Continued Learning

We strive to engage the community and launch conversations around food, culture, and nutrition.

Depending on each community’s desire for such programming, we develop and lead lunch-and-learns, clubs, camps, demos, and workshops. At a minimum, we provide “food for thought” via our informative menu writing and signage.


We are there for your most important moments.

Our chefs and hospitality experts make sure every catered event runs smoothly from initial planning to execution to cleanup. ChefField Events is the catering arm of HandCut Foods focused on corporate catering and special events. For our contract food service clients, we offer in-house catering services for occasions ranging from morning coffee meetings to annual fundraising galas.

We Have Great Partners

We are proud to work in partnership with local companies equally devoted to bettering the food system.

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