HandCut Foods is committed to delivering the freshest, highest-quality products to your
school, business, or special event. Though each menu is customized to suit individual needs,
the constant is restaurant-quality food made from scratch with whole ingredients.

Our philosophy of Responsible Cooking starts with responsible sourcing. Whenever possible, we purchase our ingredients locally. We’ve built strong relationships with our providers—ranchers who practice ethical raising; farmers who grow and harvest naturally; millers and butchers who minimally process their goods.

Once our fresh, whole ingredients are procured, we build from-scratch menus inspired by the seasons, our travels, and our community. We customize meal plans with healthy dining options that everyone will love.

Preparing and providing good quality food is just the start for HandCut Foods.

We see nutrition education as the next crucial step—an important part of developing good eating habits is to know what you’re eating. That’s why we have registered dietitian nutritionists on staff. These trained professionals can help your school or business design a food program that meets the needs of your organization. From allergy management to classroom visits, our Nutritionists love working with people of all ages to help them make smart, healthy food choices.