HandCut Foods is passionate about food. Fresh food. Healthy food. Delicious food. Having worked and trained in culinary fine dining we know how to prepare exceptional food and deliver unparalleled service. Our company was born from the idea that someone should deliver that same exceptional food and service to cafeteria and catering foodservice.

At HandCut Foods, our philosophy is to have a healthy balance in our lives and on our plates.

George Madzhirov


George leads the HandCut Foods team ensuring that employees are well trained and motivated, and that clients are happy and hungry for more of HandCut Foods expertly crafted meals. George has an extensive restaurant and hospitality resume representing work spanning from Europe to some of Chicago’s most distinguished restaurants.


Steven Obendorf

President and Executive Chef

You’ll find Steven in the back of the house managing staff, planning menus, developing products and analyzing food costs. His deep experience as an Executive Chef and dogged focus on quality ensures that every meal prepared in our kitchens is fresh, nutritious and delicious!


Meghan Provencher

Executive Pastry Chef

From commissary production to delivery logistics to operational design, Meghan makes it happen. As a seasoned Pastry Chef, Meghan is adept at developing from-scratch bakery selections that serve the need of schools, organizations, fine dining restaurants and large catered events.


Andrew Osterman

Director of Business Development

Andrew brings a unique perspective to account management—one that’s a perfect fit for HandCut Foods. He has strong client management expertise as well as hands-on kitchen experience. Andrew has also spent time as a teacher and assistant for students with disabilities.